Mosura Products

We started off by breeding shrimps as a hobby, and soon it led to more tanks and more species. To make our hobby easier, we started to look for products that were easy to use, safe and effective, more importantly it made our shrimps happy, which in turn made us happy. In the course of searching, we found products that did not work as preached, products that killed shrimps and some which were made by those who can't even breed shrimps. So, we decided to design products for our own use. But soon, we realized that we had to share these products with hobbyists out there and hence we commercialized them and made them available to you. Each of our products are thoroughly tested and proven to be effective in our tanks before they end up in the shops and in your tanks. We have tested them on a large number of species shrimps, and their life cycles. The Mosura series of products is something that you can depend upon; they are products of our years of shrimps breeding experience. Check out our gallery and you will see the quality of shrimps that we breed and the high standard red shrimps we can achieve.

Food (6)

Our food range is test to enhance shrimp egg hutch rate, survival rate to reproduction rate.

Bio-additives (2)

Shrimps thrive well only if your tank ecology system is up and running and going strong. Our products in this category helps your tank to establish a complete ecosystem or we use biotechnology to enhance the nutrient of values of food to make your shrimps live better.

Enhancement (4)

Products here are something you can drive your shrimps survival rate, higher hatch rate and breed rate further.

Water Management (8)

When it comes to keeping and breeding shrimps, water quality plays a very important role. We have products that alter the water parameters to achieve optimal conditions for the shrimps well being.